Who we are

Transcendic is a young, dynamic and innovative management consulting company which assists SME‘s, Corporates and Government Institutions with their Business Process, Service Management, Governance, Project Management and Automation strategies within the ICT domain. We have a collective experience of over 15 years within the ICT industry with a wealth of experience in the IT Service Management arena.

Our core driver is Service Delivery and we believe that, within a constantly changing business landscape Delivery should always be the focal point of our Business and Clients.

We are passionate individuals who thrive on delivering de facto best practice solutions to our client base ensuring their business value proposition is realized. We adopt a Green and Lean philosophy by re-engineering solutions looking for efficiency.

We have the agility and adaptability within all environments thus delivering a tailor made solution to our clients ensuring alignment to their strategic goals and objectives. The reuse of infrastructure is an enabler for operational cost reduction and a lighter carbon footprint which contributes to increased business profits.



Our Vision

To be admired by our community, clients and
investors as being one of Africa’s most innovative
and futuristic consulting houses. Being the trusted
advisor that instills insightful knowledge and
capabilities enabling organizations to reach their
fullest potential and highest capital growth.

Our Mission

As a creative consulting company we focus on
developing bespoke processes for our clients that
are flexible and agile enough to change when
business needs change. We strive to transcend
boundaries and impart knowledge to all clients.



Our Brand Values

People: People are the foundation of any business and when likeminded people meet, innovation and creativity is sure to follow.
Humility: From humble beginnings we came and in humility we shall remain.
Passion: Our passion is our strength
Collaborate: We share ideas and leverage off each other’s strengths
Transparent: Being transparent ensures no ambiguity throughout the journey
Proudly African: Africa is a diverse continent with un-earthed talent and
opportunities. Technology allows us to give back
Innovate: Bringing new and fresh ideas and constantly creating that
competitive edge.

Collaborating is easy. We understand Service Management.